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  Calendar Features
  • Public or private viewing
  • List view or one-month grid view
  • Links to create email reminders
  • Leadership only events
  • Optional RSS 2.0 News-Feed Generation


Calendar grid/month view
Grid View

Calendar list view
List View

IE 7 RSS-Feed viewer
IE 7 RSS-Feed Viewer


User Selectable Views

Users may select to view your event calendar as a list or in monthly grids. For calendars that don't contain many events the list view is desirable because all future events are shown on a single page, even those that occur next year. The grid view shows one calendar month and allows the user to step through the months and view the events in a graphical presentation that clearly shows their relationship in time. This is generally the more desirable view when there are many events in your calendar.

Public or Private Viewing

You can configure the system to allow non-members to view your events calendar.

Event Reminders

If you configure your system to give members access to the personal reminder system, then when members are logged in they will be shown a link on each event that gives them the option of telling the system to send them an email reminder for that event.

Leadership Events

Some events in the calendar may be marked for staff or group leadership viewing only. These events are only shown to administrator users when they are logged in. Leadership events are displayed in red.

NEW! Automatic RSS 2.0 News-Feed

Simply by enabling it, your Events Calendar future events list can automatically be published as an RSS news feed that anyone may subscribe to. No subscription management is required because that is handled by the many news readers and other RSS related services available. Google and Yahoo (among others) let you subscribe to news-feeds from many sources and display them on your personal Google or Yahoo home page. The newest browsers also provide support for viewing and subscribing to news-feeds. Just look for the new icon RSS feed icon that alerts you to the existance of RSS news-feeds on a web page.
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