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  • Membership Roster/Mailing List
  • Events Calendar
  • Leadership Calendar
  • Bulletin/Notice Boards
  • Newsletters (Text or PDF)
  • Photo Gallery
  • About Page
  • Links Page
  • Document Pages
  • New-Member Sign-up Page

  • Configurable
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Data Import and Export
  • RSS 2.0 News-Feed Generation
  • Visitor Counter and Page-view Statistics
  • Email to Full Membership or Smart Lists
  • Personalized Email Generation
  • Mail-Merge Data File Generation
  • Sample Mail-Merge Documents

  • Unlimited members/users
  • Unlimited "Smart" Distribution Lists
  • Unlimited Member-Attribute Definitions
  • Password Protected Admin Access
  • Personal Email Reminders
  • Scheduled Group Email
  • Surveying and Voting
  • Online Help
  • Free Technical Support

  CMS Features
 Easy to use and learnEasy to use and learn
 Central repositoryCentral repository
 Integrated authoring environmentIntegrated authoring environment
 Multi-user authoringMulti-user authoring
 Non-technical authoringnon-technical authoring
 Separation of content and  presentationSeperation of content and presentation
 Real-time publishingReal-time publishing
 Cross browser support
(Viewable with all major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.)
Cross browser support
 Backup and disaster recoveryBackup and disaster recovery
 Data import/export compatibility  with external systemsData import and export
 Usage statisticsUsage statistics

eChapters Features

Powerful yet easy-to-use features save time and money

Membership List Management

Keeping your membership list online makes it possible for your members and leaders access it and use it for communications at any time. No longer will it be stuck on one person's computer and only available when they are. Members can safely edit their own contact information and leaders can easily send personalized e-mail to the entire membership or to distribution lists.

Self-Updating "Smart" Distribution Lists

Unlimited distribution lists makes communicating with the various sub-groups in your organization easy. Create lists for the board of directors, leaders, committee members, volunteer teams, etc. A distribution list may have any number of members and individuals may exist on any number of lists. Distribution lists are always available to all your administrators so no longer will some people be using old and outdated distribution lists when communicating with your membership. When someone moves, gets a new phone number or email address, or is deleted, those changes are automatically reflected in all distribution lists that person is on.

Email Announcements

eChapters contains many features for sending email to your membership. View email features

Scheduled Email Reminders

Your members will love the fact that they can tell the system to send them personal email reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, appointments, deadlines, or any other event in the future. It is just like sending themselves an email except that delivery is postponed until some date in the future that they specify. In addition, administrators can schedule reminders to be sent to any distribution list or the entire membership on a one-time or routine basis.

Surveys and Online Voting

Here is a feature that can cost $500/year or more from third-party sources. eChapters lets you create any number of surveys with any number of multiple-choice or text response questions. Surveys let you collect information from your members in a standardized way that makes it easy to evaluate the responses. You can even use the system to conduct elections and for voting on important organizational issues. This feature can save a tremendous amount and time and effort compared to traditional surveying and voting methods.

Data Import and Export Features

If you currently keep your membership list in a database or spreadsheet such as Microsoft Access or Excel, dBase, FoxPro, Filemaker, or one of many many other compatible software applications which can export data to standard CSV (comma separated values) files, you can import your membership list data directly into your eChapters database. eChapters can export your data as CSV (Microsoft Word and Excel compatible) mail-merge data files for producing form letters, mailing labels, and membership booklets. You can also export your data for backup purposes or any other reason.

Content Management For Your Calendar, Newsletters, Photo Gallery, Notice Boards, etc.

eChapters systems all include the feature of making your organization visible to your membership (and optionally to the general public) via an easy to use content management system (CMS). Your site will look just like a regular web site except that all the data is displayed right from your database rather than from static HTML files. This means, for instance, that when you add an event to your organization's master calendar it is automatically and instantly available on your web site. Your members will appreciate the notice boards they may use to post items for sale, announcements, events, and want-ads. More about calendars


eChapters systems can be used in four ways and thus have value for every organization -- even if you already have a web site. Groups may use their eChapters system as a stand-alone web site (public, semi-public or private), they can incorporate eChapters pages into their existing web site, or they may put external pages on their eChapters menu. Click here to see a demonstration of using eChapters pages in an existing traditional-style web site.
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